Oklahoma Custom Built Steel Pergolas & DIY Bolt-Up Steel Pergolas

In searching for the perfect outdoor living pergola for our own backyard in Central Oklahoma, we discovered we were left with 3 options: a rickety metal store bought pergola, a white plastic/pvc pergola, or a cedar pergola. None of these were quite what we were needing, and none of them proved to be economical options either. We were seeking an outdoor living structure that could stand up to the Oklahoma elements, be a smart cost over the long haul, and have a more contemporary or modern look. The steel framed pergola we offer was thought up and designed by us with a steel frame and cedar slats; to cut down on the use of cedar and create a more cost effective option long term. We offer standard and custom pergola options to fit all outdoor needs. From a small seating area to a large outdoor space, we can design the right shaded retreat for you.

Bolt-Up Steel Pergolas for DIY Homeowners & Contractors

All Three Styles Come in 4-Post and 6-Post Designs

We offer standard options for the DIY home owner and contractors for a weekend steel pergola build. All models are signed off by a Certified Structural Engineer to sustain your local wind and snow loads and for your local soil specifications. With our bolt up options, you know that you are getting a structurally sound structure that will last for many years to come.

4 Post Design

All standard pergola designs will be powder coated black, and all cedar slats will be left unstained so that you can stain to the color choice of your liking. We will provide all hardware needed to bolt the structure together and secure it to your foundation. Our bolt up option can be built by two men with our easy to follow instructions. In the instructions we will provide suggested footings based on local soil specifications; site specific footings may vary. We will provide weld plates to be placed in your footings. A welder will need to be available to attach the pergola to the weld plates.

6 Post Design


Custom Built Steel Pergolas in Oklahoma

For the greater Oklahoma City MetroPlex, we offer custom built steel pergolas for residential and commercial needs. We will work with you one on one to design an outdoor pergola that will meet your family’s or business’s needs. We can design options for a seating area, carport, shaded overhang for pools, recreational areas, and any other area you can think of that needs that outdoor touch.

On custom pergola designs, we can offer a bolt up option or a fully welded option; whichever you prefer.

About Us

We are a close knit family looking to share our love of the outdoors and family and friend time with every customer we meet. As a family, we love being outdoors, from soccer to lounging in the backyard, to playing a pickup game of football and corn hole. We wanted to create an inviting space that would allow us to enjoy all aspects.

We are a huge wrestling family with three boys and are always looking for a chance to relax in our down time. We hope that our pergolas will bring the same down time enjoyment to your family as it does ours.

- Chad and Cassie Schultheis
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